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Taizhou Jiubao Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Huangyan, a famous "hometown of moulds". It is near Taizhou Port in the east, Huangyan Airport in the south, Yongtaiwen Expressway in the west, Taizhou Railway Station in the north, and has a wide range of traffic. With strong technical force and advanced production equipment, and sound management system, the company aims at "first-class technology, first-class quality and first-class service". Converging the manufacturing essence of the same industry, and constantly promoting innovation, opens up a broader road for the development of plastic blow molding industry. In the field of polymer processing, with the rapid development of plastic applications

Integrity first

Taizhou Jiubao Machinery Co., Ltd. has developed semi-automatic PET bottle blowing machine, full-automatic PET bottle blowing machine, PE, PP, PVC, one-step full-automatic hollow bottle blowing machine and various precision injection moulds, bottle blowing moulds and complete set of auxiliary equipment, relying on years of manufacturing experience and the spirit of innovation of all staff. Taizhou Jiubao Machinery Co., Ltd. satisfies customers'requirements with high quality, economic durability and a wide variety of products, thus winning the praise of old and new customers.

Jiubao High Quality Bottle Blower
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Company Address: Wang Linshi Village, Beicheng Street, Huangyan District, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province

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