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What parameters should we pay attention to when purchasing bottle blowing machine?

Bottle blowing machine solves the problem of water enterprises, plastic packaging and other bottle blowing. What should different users pay attention to when choosing a bottle blowing machine because of their different conditions? Bottle blowing machine parameters are mainly composed of various parts. What parameters should we pay attention to when purchasing?



1. Number of Module Cavity of Bottle Blower

The number of mould cavity is a representative parameter of the development of bottle blowing machine technology. At present, the domestic market is mainly linear full-automatic bottle blowing machine. The number of mould cavity ranges from one to two. The number of mould cavity affects the output, price and energy consumption of bottle blowing machine.

2. Production of Bottle Blower

The output of domestic straight-line bottle blowers is far lower than that of foreign rotary bottle blowers, but considering the price cost, most domestic small and medium-sized enterprises are choosing straight-line bottle blowers. At present, according to the user's use situation in the market, the output of one-out two-blow machine is 2200-2400 bottles/hour, the output of one-out four-blow machines is 4500-5000 bottles/hour, and the output of one-out six-blow machines is 9000 bottles/hour. The output of one-out-eight bottle blowers is 12,000 bottles per hour.

3. Price of Bottle Blower

Bottle blowing machine price is an important reference factor when purchasing a bottle blowing machine, but we can not just look at the price, after all, a price of a piece of goods. When choosing the equipment of bottle blowing machine, we should look at the configuration list of bottle blowing machine and the brand quality of its components.

4. After-sales Service of Bottle Blower

After-sales service of bottle blowing machine is related to the efficiency of solving production failure, and after-sales perfection and response time of bottle blowing machine are directly related to production. Users should consult more customers when choosing bottle blowing machine to see if the manufacturers of bottle blowing machine are timely after-sales.

5. Stability of Bottle Blower

The stability of bottle blowing machine is the core parameter of selecting bottle blowing machine. The stability of bottle blowing equipment directly affects the work of the whole line. It can be seen that the stability of equipment is related to the survival and competitiveness of enterprises. Stable bottle blowing equipment not only saves maintenance costs, but also saves labor costs.

6. Energy Consumption of Bottle Blower

The energy consumption of bottle blowing machine is easily neglected when many people buy bottle blowing machine. The profit of enterprises comes from the accumulation of every small environment. The energy consumption of bottle blowing machine directly saves the net profit. What is the energy consumption of the bottle blower?

7. Gas Source Recovery of Bottle Blower

What is gas recovery? Simply put, in order to save energy consumption, the manufacturer of bottle blowing machine recycles the remaining high-pressure air into the low-pressure system, thus saving the energy consumption of air blowing. However, in order to save manufacturing costs, many bottle blowers do not have a gas recovery system when they sell bottle blowers.

Summary: The above are the parameters that should be paid attention to when purchasing bottle blowers. When purchasing bottle blowers, it is suggested to select manufacturers with good reputation and quality, to stabilize the production of bottle blowers, with low energy consumption and fewer failures, which is conducive to improving the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises.