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What equipment and how much does it cost to produce mineral water bottles?

The state advocates mass innovation, entrepreneurship, white-collar workers or senior workers began to return home to start business, entrepreneurship is not a simple matter, investment projects must be able to make short-term profits, after all, we are small businesses, capital chain turnover is the pain point. Mineral water is one of the most popular consumer products in summer. If there is consumption, there will be business opportunities. To set up a factory to produce mineral water bottles, and to improve the mineral water bottles for small workshops and factories, there is no intention that it is a business with rich prospects. So what equipment is needed for the production of mineral water bottles and how much money is needed?



I. Equipment for the Production of Mineral Water Bottles

1. Bottle Blower

Bottle blowing machine is the core equipment for the production of mineral water bottles. It only needs to purchase the forming blank, and all the remaining things are finished. It can be seen that the quality of bottle blowing machine directly affects the quality of bottles. The higher the yield, the lower the production cost. The stability of the bottle blowing machine is the key. At present, more than 90% of small and medium-sized enterprises will give priority to Taizhou Quanguan Machinery Co., Ltd. when choosing bottle blowing machine. One is 2,500 bottles/hour stable, the other is 4,500 bottles/hour stable, and the other is 6,9000 bottles/hour stable.

2. Water cooler

Auxiliary equipment, cooling water rapidly, cooling the mould of the bottle blower, protecting the mould of the bottle blower, cooling the product rapidly, improving the product and quality.

3. Cold dryer

Auxiliary equipment filters moisture and oil from air to make the product odorless and improve the quality of the product.

4. Air Compressor

Pre-blowing and low-pressure blowing, with high pressure complete blowing, to ensure the bottle-forming rate.

Detailed introduction of auxiliary equipment of bottle blowing machine can refer to Detailed Explanation of Auxiliary Equipment and Function Diagram and Text of Bottle blowing Machine.

II. Investment Amount of Equipment for Production of Mineral Water Bottles

Small-scale production of mineral water bottles only needs about 150,000 enterprises, and large-scale enterprises can invest between 300,000 and 450,000.

Summary: The above is all the equipment needed for the production of mineral water bottles. Bottling machine equipment is the necessary choice. Auxiliary equipment can be purchased reasonably according to their own budget. Of course, the recommendation matches perfectly, which will provide bottle output and bottle yield, and increase the profits of enterprises.