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Bottle Blowing Machine Auxiliary Machine and Detailed Function Diagram and Text

Bottle blowing machine is mainly used for the production of liquid packaging containers, the whole process of blowing bottles requires the cooperation of auxiliary equipment to complete the work of blowing bottles. Common auxiliary equipment includes high-pressure air compressor, low-pressure air compressor, water cooler, cooling tower, dryer, mould temperature machine, filter, gas recovery storage tank and other auxiliary equipment. How do these auxiliary equipment work? What's the effect? Today, Taizhou QuanGuan Machinery Co., Ltd. illustrates in detail the auxiliary equipment and function of bottle blowing machine.

Low-pressure air compressor: In the auxiliary equipment of bottle blowing machine, the main low-pressure air compressors are piston low-pressure air compressor, screw low-pressure air compressor, piston low-pressure air compressor. Free gas is used as piston to compress gas, and then the gas is discharged. Screw compressor is a rotary volume compressor, in which two rotors with helical gears mesh with each other to compress and discharge gas. Compared with piston low-pressure air compressor, it runs smoothly and safely, saves energy, and can be adjusted automatically. Taizhou Quanguan Machinery Co., Ltd. All adopt low pressure screw air compressor

Function: Pre-blowing and low-pressure blowing, complete blowing with high pressure, to ensure one-time bottle-forming rate.

High-pressure air compressor: It mainly consists of compressor main engine (without gas storage tank), motor, inter-stage cooler, air separation and purification device, etc. The gas inhaled in the tank is compressed in three levels and then separated, filtered and purified to purify the odorless high-pressure air.

Function: Compress the free air into clean and odorless high-pressure gas, blow the preform at high speed, and form a bottle in one step.

Bottle Blower Chiller:

Chillers are mainly used for water-cooled and air-cooled. The characteristics of water-cooled chiller are: ergonomic panel, fully automatic control, equipped with precise electric temperature controller, which can run smoothly for a long time; using high-efficiency heat exchanger, less cooling loss, easy oil return, heat transfer tube does not freeze crack; using imported high-performance compressor, high EER value, low noise, stable operation. The characteristics of air-cooled water chiller are as follows: no cooling tower, easy installation, convenient movement, suitable for water supply situation without no cooling tower; low noise fan motor, excellent cooling condensation effect, stable throttling structure, excellent rust-proof treatment; imported high performance compressor, high EER value, low noise, stable operation.

Function: Cooling water rapidly, cooling the mould of the bottle blower, protecting the mould of the bottle blower, cooling the product rapidly and improving the product and quality. Tengyue Bottle Blower Manufacturers generally recommend air-cooled Bottle Blower for customers

Bottle Blower Dryer: It is composed of refrigeration compressor (heart of refrigeration system), condenser, evaporator, expansion valve and so on. It uses refrigerant to exchange heat with compressed air, and reduces the temperature of compressed air to dew point temperature in the range of 2-10 degrees C. And with filters, filter air moisture and oil, so that the products produced without oil odor, improve product quality.

Filter: The main function is to filter oil, water, impurities and other waste contained in compressed air and work with the cold dryer.

Mould Temperature Controller: Also known as Mould Temperature Controller, was initially used in the temperature control industry of injection moulds. Later, with the development and application of machinery industry more and more widely, now the temperature controlled by the general water separator and oil temperature machine can reach positive or negative 0.1 degrees.

Mold Temperature Machine of Bottle Blower: Mold Temperature Control Machine, also known as Mold Temperature Control Machine, hot filling bottle blower auxiliary equipment, it plays a role in controlling the temperature of the mould, maintaining the temperature of the mould constant, to ensure the stability of the production quality of bottle blower.

Air recovery system of bottle blowing machine: The recovery system and the gas storage tank are composed of high-pressure and low-pressure recovery and reuse, which can reduce energy consumption and save 25% of low-pressure gas.